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Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Radio Interview of Alex Brandin by Kim McMillon
for the Arts in the Valley 1480 KYOS Broadcast on 04/20/2012

From the Arts in the Valley announcement:
Energy Healer, Alex Brandin will discuss Seraphim Healing, an ancient spiritual system which allows healers, and those interested in healing to access 11 cosmic energies that enhance your well-being and provide a unique evolutionary path towards Self-Realization. Beginners to experienced light workers may use this system to activate their own self-healing powers, or to accelerate their spiritual evolution, or energetically support others. Those utilizing this method have the ability to activate automatic programs “in the background,” while doing something else at the same time.

First used by Atlantean Priests, and rediscovered again by Ruth Rendely over 15 years ago, this method for furthering one’s self-unfolding has found many enthusiastic practitioners in America, Asia, Australia and in Europe.

Listen to the recording (about 25 minutes)

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